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"Bivouac" 1 Mile from Lebanon Church

Miss Sallie,

As you may perceive from the above caption we are not afar off from our Yankee friends, they being only 3 miles distant & we enjoying the constant music of their heavy guns. On my trip down that m-e-a-n-d-e-r-i-n-g river I had a very good opportunity of seeing some of the scenery & was pleased to behold the first settlement made by a Mr. Smith about 240 years ago—Smith showed his good taste in selecting the spot he did for even to this day it is quite a charming place. From this town towards the mouth of the river there have been erected many strong batteries—all mounted with guns of heavy calibre. I was not very comfortably situated on board of the transport that brought us from Richmond—it being on a schooner—250 of us occupying a stateroom about 60 feet long by 15 feet wide. We "laid to" during the night & break of day proceeded on our journey—the river was somewhat ruffled by a strong wind, causing our craft to roll & pitch—effect sea-sickness experienced by some of our men, and as it was raining too hard we could not remain on deck so that we felt like a lot of chickens cooped up, but were willing to "die game." At 12 o'clock Monday we landed at "King's Mills" & bivouacked there that night—raining incessantly, anything but an April shower, or at least one got up on a big scale. Through your kindness I was enabled to live very high up to yesterday, but had to come down to rations this morning viz. Bacon & crackers—I enjoyed the latter, but have not made up my mind to partake of the former.

We started from Kings Mills yesterday & reached here in the evening and are now encamped in a group of trees beautifully located. I cannot say as yet where to address me as our movements are so very uncertain—we are at present but 4 miles from Yorktown but a long distance from your brothers. Since I have been here I have met with many of my New Orleans friends who are in the army, making me feel almost at home. With kindest remembrances to your dear parents, sisters and brothers, remember me to Mrs. Davis & family & others, and last though not least to your devoted self.

I remain yours very truly,

Edwin I. Kursheedt

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