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Col. Marcus M. Spiegel

In the field near Big Black Miss. June 7/63

My dear dear wife!

It is nearly one year since I was called upon to witness the fourth birth of our beloved and blooming offspring. Well do I remember your sufferings; as if it were but a moment ago, do I remember the heroic and womanly like demeanor and the loving and confiding looks I received from you, during all your labor and the joy we both felt when the lovely and pretty Hattie was presented by my dear mother, who at once pronounced her “the prettiest child that she has ever seen.”

Allow me to congratulate you on her first “birth day”. May God our heavenly Father grant that we may live to see many many of them in peace, love and happiness. May it please God to give us many happy days with our Children, so that we may raise them an ornament to Him and an emulation to His teachings.

I would love to be with you to night; I know and feel you are just now thinking of me, but we will have to wait awhile, trusting that Vicksburg will soon fall.

With hearty prayers for your welfare and that of our beloved Children, I remain to the best and loveliest Wife in the world

A true and loving husband

You dont know how much I love you ...

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